Product ManufacturingManufacturing Highlights

  • Turn-Key production
  • Controlled component procurement
  • Component tracability
  • ROHS compliant assembly
  • ESD controlled working environment
  • Automated Pick and Place Machines
  • Commercial, Military or Medical

Cadent Technologies, Inc. is a preferred electronics product manufacturer. We provide complete assembly and procurement services for board level or through complete product assembly. Once produced, we can continue the process by establishing finished goods inventory and full turnkey order fulfillment.

Our turnkey production includes component tracability as required by strict military and medical equipment requirements. Custom kiting and work order software is used to track customer jobs throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Cadent utilizes advanced technology automated pick and place machines for SMT assembly. Both ROHS and SN63 processes are supported including separate and dedicated re-flow machines.


Cadent Technologies Inc.

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